Naughty Nalini & Hubby’s Small Cock

This story is about newly married couple.

Here Nalini slut of the town gets married to Naresh and move to Naresh home town.


Nalini-A slut of 21,record for fucked by 11 neibhour boys.Very horny and craving for big cocks.

Naresh-Well behaved and decent.””small cocked”

First Night: Naresh was sitting in bed.Nalini comes in the room does bla bla bla…etc.They switch of the light,Naresh feeling shy touches her shoulder.Nalini gets horny puts her hand inside his Lungi.Presses his cock smoothly.

Gets shocked feeling his small cock and she asks “Can we switch on the light”.Naresh says “Noo,why??”.She replied “I want to see everything clearly” & switched on the light.And she slowly removed his lungi and spred his legs & pulled his underwear down.Squeezed his cock hardly.Naresh kept quiet.

Then Nalini Put her mouth into the small cock.Sucked like a hungry beast.And she opened her blouse.Pulled his head & pressed it against her boobs.He ressisted & pulled back but she did not allow & forced him to suck her balls.

She then treated  him as a slave and made him lick her asshole.Forcibly by putting his head inside her ass.She made him bury his face in her ass for 10min.

For her itching pussy,she made him sleep and started juming on his cock.She said “I can’t even feel your cock“.She later asked him to sleep on her & fuck.But he could not satify her thirst.

She then got angry,got over him and started juming,wildly.Naresh started mouning loudly.Telling her to stop but she din’t.Later he let out a heavy cum and she licked it completely.